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Stem Cells in Teeth

The tooth is nature’s ‘safe’ for your family’s unique stem cells

While stem cells can be found in most tissues of the body, they are usually buried deep, are few in number and are similar in appearance to surrounding cells. With the discovery of stem cells in teeth, an accessible and available source of stem cells has been identified.

The tooth is nature’s “safe” for these valuable stem cells, and there is an abundance of these cells in baby teeth, wisdom teeth and permanent teeth – Tooth Eligibility Criteria. The stem cells contained within teeth are capable of replicating themselves and can be readily recovered at the time of a planned dental procedure.

Living stem cells found within extracted teeth were routinely discarded every day, but now, with the knowledge from recent medical research, DentaCell gives you the opportunity to save these cells for future use in developing medical treatments for your family.

Why DentaCell?

The DentaCell team has more experience working with stem cell therapies than any other dental tissue banking service in the USA.   The Founders previously invented the first stem cell delivery catheter in the 1988 (patented in 1997).  Developed the first stem cell harvesting system from adipose tissue – 1994.  Completed the first non-surgical stem cell regeneration of damaged heart tissue – 2001.  Was the first in the world to gain FDA approval to conduct Phase I and II/III stem cell and stem cell gene therapy clinical trials for treating heart damage (2003 2007 2009 2010).   The DentaCell contract tissue banking and stem cell expansion facility with Bioheart, Inc. a public company founded by the same founders of DentaCell in Sunrise, Florida has been cGMP certified since 1989 (World Medical Mfg. Corp.) for medical implant manufacturing, since 2001 for stem cell expansion and since 2013 for tissue banking.  See References below.  Bioheart, Inc. has spent more than $140 million to develop the safety of stem cell processing,  expansion storage, shipment, delivery and handling since 1999.

Both DentaCell and Bioheart, Inc. are supported by the Leonhardt Ventures’ Cal-X Stars Accelerator Scientific Advisory Board made up of over 35 leading stem cell researchers –http://calxstars.com/scientific-advisory-board/
Bioheart Receives Validated FDA Registration for Tissue

Dr. Valerie Kanter

Dr. Valerie Kanter

Chief Medical & Scientific Officer

Eugene Azuma

Eugene Azuma


Dr. Cameron Y. S. Lee

Dr. Cameron Y. S. Lee


Howard J. Leonhardt

Howard J. Leonhardt

Accelerating Bioelectric, Stem Cell and Personalized Functional Medicine Innovations & Startups in Dentistry

DentaCell is moving forward step by step with the co-development of these products for dental gum healing…

Aside from being the most convenient stem cells to access, dental stem cells have significant medical benefits in the development of new medical therapies.  Using one’s own stem cells for medical treatment means a much lower risk of rejection by the body and decreases the need for powerful drugs that weaken the immune system, both of which are negative but typical realities that come into play when tissues or cells from a donor are used to treat patients.

Further, the stem cells from teeth have been observed in research studies to be among the most powerful stem cells in the human body.  Stem cells from teeth replicate at a faster rate and for a longer period of time than do stem cells harvested from other tissues of the body.
Stem cells in the human body age over time and their regenerative abilities slow down later in life.  The earlier in life that your family’s stem cells are secured, the more valuable they will be when they are needed most.

1.  PosiFect dental gum healing strips. – Click for more info (PosiFect U.S. 510K is pending -CE Mark received)
2.  Wetling Health wireless energy dental gum healing device.
3.  MyoStim Micocurrent stimulator wire based applied with dental mouth tray with conductive and healing hydrogel (note we have been researching nutrient healing hydrogels since the early 1990’s)
4.  Bioheart Adipose Cell Harvesting Kits to make stem cell injections combined with scaffolding collagen matrix applied to grow back receding dental gums combined with healing hydrogel and micorcurrent stimulation from any one of the three above mentioned devices ie; Procellera, Wetling or MyoStim Microcurrent.
5.  TissueGen Microcurrent electroacupuncture system.

DentaCell – Tissue Banking Stem Cell Expansion Service 

In contract partnership with Bioheart, Inc. of Sunrise, Florida

Tooth tissue banking is the storing of dental stem cells that have the ability to regenerate into various cell types.  When your child’s tooth or your own tooth falls out or is extracted, dental stem cells are harvested from the dental pulp within the tooth. Baby teeth and wisdom teeth are rich in dental stem cells. These cells within the pulp are a valuable source of highly regenerative stem cells. These dental stem cells are preserved indefinitely by being cryogenically frozen.

Why Bank Teeth?

Banking dental stem cells gives you the ability to take advantage of stem cell therapies of today and those that emerge in the future.

DentaCell Tooth Pulp Storage for Future Stem Cell Expansion


At DentaCell we provide the best dental stem cell storage in the industry at the most affordable price, so that every family can take advantage of advancements in medicine. Ask us about our Family Plans that are available as well.

Processing Fee (Lab, Harvesting Cells, Viability): $375
First Year Storage: $115
Total First Year: $490
Annual Storage: $115
Payment Plans

Full Payment: $490
2 month payment plan:  $245/month
4 month payment plan: $123/month
Long Term Discounted Storage Plans

5 year storage: $499 (Savings of $76)
10 year storage: $799 (Savings of $351)
20 year storage: $1399 (Savings of $901)

* When stem cells are needed in the future DentaCell will multiply the stem cells to the quantity desired at a competitive cost ranging from $4,900 to $28,000 depending on the quantity. As an alternative we can provide the stored pulp to an expansion facility of your choice. The DentaCell cell expansion team and supervision includes some of the most experienced cell culturing and quality control personnel in the world.